We are here because of our shared HOPE in what’s practically possible. Our hearts, minds and doors are open. We welcome the diversity that lives within each of us, because it is diversity which lends richness and wonder to humanity and even nature itself. We don’t have all the answers. In fact, an answer often leads to more questions.

A laughing guy who smells a fresh pepper

Together, we are seekers and explorers on the roads of reimagination. Unfold welcomes others who love feeding their own curiosity as much as they thrive on feeding the world.

An outstretched hand holding 5 fresh red peppers

Join us in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible tomorrow by working hard on what can be done today -- with hope. HOPE stands for:

Humble. We’re down-to-earth. We know that we don’t have all the answers, but that knowledge will never keep us from seeking them.

Open. We believe that keeping our hearts, minds, and doors open and up for anything is the path – and that there’s no one path.

Practical. We believe the best way to create the world we envision tomorrow is by applying ourselves diligently to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible today.

Explorers. We are curious by nature, even as we reimagine and reshape the very nature of what’s possible.

View into a Vertical Farming operation with green leaves