Unfold was founded to create increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We create and support sustainably grown, hyperlocal food production and hence increase food security for a growing urban population.

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... New taste and cooking experiences

Consumers around the world crave fresh, delicious, locally produced fruits and vegetables. Our seeds and agronomic expertise return long-desired taste experiences to the kitchen table.

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... New growing process

Urban farming is only beginning to define itself. Already its incredible potential to radically change how we deliver food to people is becoming apparent. The most pressing questions concerning the exploitation of natural resources, cost of transportation, the effect of packaging on the environment and the demand for local-grown produce are beginning to be answered.

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…new consumer choices

We bring new choices, strong colors, the right textures and fresh flavors to the supermarket shelf and your kitchen.

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…our seed technology

Unfold utilizes unmatched access to world class genetics to develop new fruit and vegetable seed varieties coupled with agronomic advice tailored for the unique indoor environment of vertical farms.


Unfold develops new seed varieties for vertical
farming operations that are focused on quality, including improved yield, optimized sensory and desirable consumer experiences.

Come and grow with us

Beyond developing new seed varieties, Unfold provides agronomic and market development services as participates in value sharing with its customers.

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Indoor vertical farming has the ability to greatly conserve natural resources such as water, land and nutrients while improving yield for select fruits and vegetables such as leafy greens, tomato, pepper, cucumber and other specialty crops.

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Hence, indoor farms have the potential to allow humankind to grow fresh, local produce in a sustainable way with decreased pressure on our natural environment.

Our goals & beliefs
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