We are specifically focused on the vertical farming industry and its unique growing requirements.

Our mission to delight/fully seed, feed, and sustain people, plants, and our planet. That means we’re working in concert to develop tasty vegetables for people who dig tasty vegetables. That means taste, color, texture, flavor, nutrition (and more) are at the center of our seed development.

We’re supporting sustainable, local food production and collaborating within the ecosystem that’s working to make it happen.

We have exclusive access to an extensive library of vegetable and fruit germplasm that’s ready to be screened for vertical farming efficacy within our R & D vertical farm or yours (it’s how we put the know, the sow, and the grow, together).

Our world-class team is delivering unique, new varietals, attuned to vertical farming’s needs and digital agronomic services.

If you’re a vertical farmer, you’re looking to grow the best possible crops, we’re delivering the seeds and digital services to help you grow them the best.

We value all the people in our ecosystem for their diversity and the independence of their thinking. We are coming together with like-minded and differently-skilled people and organizations all along the value chain to realize the potential of plants to delight/fully seed, feed, and sustain both people and planet.

Detailed view of a growing process in a Vertical Farming operation with purple light